With over years of great experience

BuraQGroups has been a champion distributor and merchandiser of a variety of top American consumer brands and goods. We utilize an efficient technology platform that boosts various up and coming brands with quality marketing, satisfaction, sales solutions and economical logistics. Hence, we allow brands to prioritize their energy towards research and development enabling them to grow and flourish appropriately.

The innovative minds at BuraQGroups have got just the right brands for the appropriate consumer demographic. Catering to the wants and needs of various individualities, we deliver accurate products to the right markets at the perfect price. We boast a stealthy distribution network of various popular chain stores across the globe. BuraQGroups ensures the highest degree of productive outcome and satisfaction with the choice of a variety of merchandise items and our impressive international collaboration, e-commerce platforms, and partner websites such as eBay, Walmart, and Amazon. The epitome of reliability and trust, BuraQGroups guarantees the distribution of only the best selection of products in the industry. Our innovative WMS and cutting edge distribution warehouse is designed for a speedy response and timely fulfillment of duties.

Reach your full online sales potential with us today! A champion in online distribution, we specialize in various up and coming online marketplaces including Amazon. Our aim is to empower each consumer and provide them with the necessary aid and tools to grow as a brand with our passionate drive and professional expertise in logistics, sales, e-commerce law, and marketing.